Having got through year 1 of the EMBA, I’m now loving the start of year 2 – which is completely different – more self-directed and choosing one’s own areas of interest. But I have also learned to value MBTI even more than before and here’s why: personality type may not be fixed but when you have a strong tendency towards your MBTI preference, there is no longer a need to a) justify who you are or b) attempt to be something you’re not. How releasing – the freedom to simply be.

So when this week I feel real pleasure from the possibility of connecting a great business plan in one African country with people who need that product in another one, MBTI can give me a clue as to why:

The INFJ is a special individual who needs more out of a career than a job. They need to feel as if everything they do in their lives is in sync with their strong value systems – with what they believe to be right. Accordingly, the INFJ should choose a career in which they’re able to live their daily lives in accordance with their deeply-held principles, and which supports them in their
life quest to be doing something meaningful


I derive great satisfaction and purpose in life from playing a small part in improving the lifes of others – living beyond myself. The pursuit of “more” for oneself is empty when compared with the pursuit of more on behalf of others. After all, everyone is leaving some kind of legacy behind – the only question is what kind?