Got a partner?

My previous post talked about not having all the skills required and solving that issue by finding others that have complementary skills. My research showed micro-businesses that grew were often run by two people rather than just one on her own. In other words, ladies, there really is only so much you can achieve on your own. Some of my interviewees said they were too busy and/or tired to think about growing the business. Others had plenty of work for themselves and didn’t want to push forward into new areas because that would disrupt the life/work balance they had worked so hard to achieve. Those who wanted to grow would have liked someone to bounce ideas off and discuss the business with. Many of my interviewees with growing businesses were working with their life partners/spouses; others had business partners. Either way, the interviewees valued the role of their partner a great deal. It gave them the ability to divide up tasks according to strengths and provided space to think about the future.

If you don’t have a partner, would you like one? Can you find one?


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