The sun is rising over Cranfield this morning – and the rain is ice cold…

I was struck as I drove in for my final time how the dawn was breaking with the bright hope of a new day and yet when I opened the car door, the rain was ice cold. A perfect analogy for my 2 years spent here. The rain represents a time of blood, sweat and lots of tears. Time of self-doubt, confusion, no confidence, no sleep and the exhaustion of trying to get it all done. The efforts to work with and even lead teams here and the slow, painful journey of personal growth. The sun? Today I am confident enough to tackle any task, work with any person and handle the toughest of situations. I have learned so much about myself and others. Was it worth 2 years of my life and somewhere between £30,000 and 50,000? Yes, every painful, exciting, tear-filled and amusing minute and every hard-earned penny.

So we start 2 days of reflection and fun and then this mammoth journey is over. What does the future hold? I’m not sure exactly but what I can tell you is that I’ll never be “just a freelance translator” again. The fact is I never was “just” anything and there is still plenty of future to grab hold of and enjoy.

Is work everything? No, certainly not but it makes up a huge part of our lives since most of us still need to earn a living. Each of us has a dream, a goal, a God-given purpose and although translating has been a huge part of that over the past 13 years, the time has now come to move on. The future for me will be much less isolated, be filled with people – whilst still giving me enough time alone so that I can dream my dreams and set the plans in motion to make them a reality.

So here’s to the future – onwards and upwards…



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