Do you really want to grow the business?

So your microbusiness is doing well – you have customers, you are making sales and earning money. Life is busy and there never seem to be enough hours in the day. Now what? What’s the next step? Do you want to grow the business more?

My interviewees were in one of two groups when it came to their attitude to growth. One group frequently and repeatedly talked about the risks involved in growing the business. They also expressed their satisfaction with the status quo, their unwillingness to make further changes, the desire for a break – after all growing a business is hard work. But they also expressed some deeper issues too – some were afraid of failure and others of success. In other words, doing more, growing the business would involve greater commitment and effort and they weren’t sure whether they wanted to put the effort in.

In contrast, the other group saw growth as both necessary and desirable. They emphasised growth as being integral to their definition of success. As a consequence they concentrated on the growth and made efforts to grow their business – which paid off. The business grew.

If you think you can’t – or shouldn’t – grow the business – you won’t.

If you think you can – or must – grow the business – you will.