Is this micro-business your life’s mission or just a different kind of treadmill?

We have many choices and options open to us in Britain today, especially if we’ve had the benefit of a good education. However, the world of work is frequently not a satisfying experience. There are many reasons why it’s called the 9to5 and many go on a daily basis just for the salary payment each month – postponing real life until they can leave the drudgery behind. There is an increasing trend towards more flexibility in the workplace but we also want work to have a purpose. And this desire for significance can be a strong driver for establishing a micro-business. “There must be more to life than this…”

And yet, as many a freelancer for example has discovered, once established and with work flowing on a regular basis it can feel as if you have just switched from one kind of treadmill for another. And this one does not have a fixed salary payment on a particular day each month. So now you are working at full capacity and the dreams of flexibility and significance have got lost in the new type of work. You rush from deadline to deadline, appointment to appointment, training course to training course. And after the working day is done you still have the invoices to issue and chase, the tax man to keep happy and the bills to pay.

Where did the dreams go? What’s the difference to a permanent job? It must be time for a re-think. So here’s a key question for you: what is your life’s mission and are you working at fulfilling it? My research showed that if you identify closely with your business and its purpose, it is more likely to grow. If it is integral to your sense of identity and worth, you will put your all into it.

And here’s another interesting thing that emerged: business owners who talked a lot about society’s expectations of women and “juggling” various roles did not have growing businesses. Those whose businesses were growing were doing this for themselves. They knew what they wanted to achieve and were doing their utmost to achieve it. How about you?